Muhammad Nazarudin finally get caught in Colombia

Interpol arrested someone that looks like Muhammad Nazaruddin, a suspect of corruption of  construction wisma SEA Games athlete in the City of Port of Cartagena, Colombia.

When he was arrested, the man's identity is M. Syahruddin. Coordinating Minister for Politics Djoko Suyanto said that he received the reports from the Ambassador of Indonesia to Colombia, Michael Manufandu on Sunday, August 6 at 21:00.

Based on the information that someone, who is identical with Nazaruddin, has been arrested. "Physically the above observations he is identical with the so-called Nazaruddin," he said when giving a press conference at the State Palace on Monday.

However, the investigation still continues and Djoko will ensure more about the arrest. Djoko also said that a joint team of Police, the Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will soon go there. "We'll soon leave for Cartagena Colombia."


Gerty said...

Great stuff --- another great post to read --- thanks!

Cara Mengobati Penyakit Gagal Ginjal Secara Alami said...

hemmmm,,,,akhirnya ditemukan juga,,tapi lebih baik jangan dulu biar semua kejelekan diungkap semua ama dya,,,
sayangnya saat di bawa ke indonesia dia malah bungkam,,dan sekarang gak tahu gimana kelanjutannya,,,

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

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