Download TOEFL E- Books

TOEFL Score is very important right now, especially for those who want to study abroad, get scholarship from local and foreign University, work overseas or get job promotion because they usually ask your TOEFL Slip Score.

Why TOEFL? because TOEFL will measure someone's proficiency in English, especially in academic context.

To help you preparing the TOEFL Test, you can learn from many TOEFL Books, such as:

1. Longman Introductory Course For TOEFL Test. (Download)

2. Acro's Preparation Course For TOEFL Test. (Download )

3. Barron's How To Prepare For TOEFL Test. (Download )

4. Longman Preparation Course For TOEFL Test (Computer dan Paper Version). (Download)

5. Barron.s TOEFL iBT Test. (Download)

6. Cambridge Preparation For iBT TOEFL Test. (Download)

7. Building Skill for iBT TOEFL. (Download).

8. 400 Must Have Words For TOEFL Test. (Download)

9. 150 TOEFL Test Practice. (Download Disini)

and Many more.


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