Venus Willian wears short Dress in Australian Open 2011

Australian Open 2011 always gives surprises whether it is surprise from the game or player. Venus William has just made a surprise because she wore a very short dress when playing against Sara Errani. on Monday In that game, Venus won it with 6-3 and 6-2.

But did you know the dress could have been even more controversial? That’s right in a post-game interview, Venus detailed reporters that the original idea was to wear “nude shorts” under. Those are shorts that have the same color as your skin, so you give the illusion at first that you are not wearing anything on the bottom! Perhaps this is a new tactic to distract opponents and get wins easier, who knows?

And why she decided to change her shorts at the last minute. She explains:

“I just decided to wear the black ones. But, you know, it’s just about focusing on the dress and not anything else. I mean, I had black shorts under.

But normally like it’s all about the dress because it has a mesh and a satin kind of material. Of course, it’s all sports gear, and it’s all about that zipper, too. A lot of the focus of the dress is the zipper.”



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