Profile: James Zaidan Saragih

James Zaidah Saragih, who is this boy? James Saragih is a Middle Line backer from the New York Cosmos, America. He is one of football players that is ready to compete for a place in Indonesian National Team under 23 for Sea Games and Olympic qualifiers. He will join with 33 other players for the first selection stage in Jakarta. The selection will be led by Alfred Riedl. 

The father of this 19 years old footballer is Indonesian, but his mother is American. The presence of James Zaidan Saragih in the selection of national team increase the number of players who would like to join the naturalisation selection. So there are Christian Gonzales, Irfan Bachdim, and Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan. Kim Kurniawan is the brother of Jennifer Kurniawan, Irfan's girl friend.

Below is the profile of James Zaidan Saragih:

Full Name      : James Zaidan Saragih
Tanggal Lahir : 23 Mar 1991 (Usia 19)
Birth Date      : New York
Citizens          : America
Height            : 180 cm.
Weight           : 81 Kg.
Father            : Nazaruddin Saragih
Mother          : Artita
Favorite Football Player : Wesley Sneijder

James Zaidan Saragih Football Information :

Position        : Gelandang
Nomber       : 10
Current club : New York Cosmos
Football Education :
  •  Academy New York Greek American Atlas
  • ODP (Olympic Development Program), New york
James Zaidan Saragih Domestic Tournaments :
  • The Score Tournaments,
  • Dallas Cup,
  • Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup,
  • Zadar International Tournament in Kroasia pada tahun 2005,
  • Thessaloniki’s International Tournament in Greece 2006.



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