Jennifer Kurniawan: Irfan Bachdim is perfect

Jennifer Kurniawan or Jennifer Bachdim said that Ifran Bachdim is a perfect boy friend. She said that when she was visiting Yahoo Indonesia Office in Jakarta. In Yahoo Indonesia Office, she happily answered the questions about her relationship with Ifran Bachdim. She said that she meet Irfan for the first time on July 2010 in Jakarta when seeing a friendly match. Jennifer's brother, Kim Kurniawan, also played in that match. "I am having a holiday, so I spend time going to Jakarta with my brother," Jennifer said. Since that meeting, both felt in love and have a date until now.
When aswering questions about three things that she knows about Irfan,  she fluently answers that Irfan really likes ice cream, she like all kinds of food, except seafood and the last, he prefers Jakarta to Malang. She also said that Irfan is really jealous to know that she is hanging out with her friends in German. A model, whose sexy photos found easily in Internet, stays in Jalarta for a few days to support Ifran in AFF final, accompany hier brother, kim kurniawan dan plans her modelling carier in Indonesia.

Summarized from OMG Yahoo.


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