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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL is released by ets (English Testing Service) located in US.

The purposes of the TOEFL Test:
  • TOEFL Test is aimed at measuring the student's proficiency in academic contexts.
  • The purpose of the test is also to evaluate the English proficiency of non native speaker of English. It is required by English language colleges and universities. Additionally, institutions such as government agencies, business, or scholarship programs may require this test.
There are three types of TOEFL Test:
  1. Paper Based Test or PBT TOEFL Test
  2. Computer Based Test or CBT TOEFL Test
  3. Internet Based Test or iBT TOEFL Test
Learning TOEFL is a must because it will help us in doing TOEFL Test. To learn TOEFL, you can visit:
The three websites/blog above share information about TOEFL Paper Based Test, TOEFL strategies, TOEFL skills, TOEFL Test and many more.


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