Red jacket firearms

Red Jacket Firearms is the focus of the new Discovery Channel series, Sons of Guns. Red Jacket Firearms creates one-of-a-kind custom weapons.

“If you can dream it, we can build it” is the motto at Red Jacket, the nation’s most unique weapons business. Owner Will Hayden and his crew of Baton Rouge, Louisiana gunsmiths are featured on the new series Sons of Guns. The show premiered tonight on Discovery Channel 9PM ET/PT.

Sons of Guns centers on Will’s Red Jacket shop, located in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. When Will isn’t rebuilding a “bring-back” rifle from the Vietnam War or using his wealth of weapon history knowledge to determine if a pistol found in the attic is an antique or not, he can be found in his shop with his daughter Stephanie and the rest of his team, swapping gossip with his customers. Whether it’s having a lunch break shooting contest, going on a nighttime bayou bow fishing trip or field testing a fully automatic M2 .50 caliber machine gun. You know, the usual family time. 

As a straight shooter and an avid historian, Will is a trusted expert to handle the requests of Red Jacket’s major clients – law enforcement, military and collectors. From guns to knives to swords to cannons, Will sells, trades, buys, builds and customizes them all. While weapons manufacturers are making attachable silencers for AK-47′s, Will takes it a step further — creating internal silencers that help police departments be even more stealth in threatening situations. If someone needs to restore a WWII flamethrower to make it operational, Will can do that too. And when the sheriff’s department needs to turn two guns – a shotgun and a rifle – into one, they call Will. I don’t know about you but Sons of Guns looks like a hit to me!


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