Mbah Maridjan died

Mbah Maridjan eventually found dead by rescue teams on Wednesday (27/10) morning. His body was  found  and successfully evacuated from the slopes of Mount Merapi at around  06.00 exactly in the Village District Kinahrejo Cangkringan, Sleman, or is about 6 km from the peak of Merapi.

 Mbah Maridjan body was found in a kneeling condition in his room. He was wearing a batik shirt, white cap and gloves. Allegedly when disaster of wedhus gembel came, he was praying.

Head of Legal and Public Relations Dr Sardjito, Heru Nugroho Trisno justifies one's body sent to his hospital is Mbah Maridjan. Mbah Maridjan was famous for the ads of Roso Roso sentences.


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