indonesia's mount merapi erupts again

Indonesia's Mount Merapi in Indonesia, which erupted  a few days ago, is still active and erupts repeatedly. Since yesterday It has erupted around six times and spew hot ash clouds and lava. Facing this situation, Officials urged the residents to be on high alert and stay away from the volcano. On Friday morning, one eruption sent a massive plume about the top of the mountain. The plume could be seen within 4-5 kilometers.  Residents started streaming down the mountain, heading for safer ground. Some were being evacuated after returning home following eruptions earlier in the week, observers from the Volcanology Agency near Merapi said.

Those living within a radius of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of Merapi may have to be relocated, a police official in the major city of Yogyakarta said.

Indonesia's people now feel condolence not only because of mount merapi eruption but also tsunami in Mentawai


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