Mother videotaped her daugther sucking ganja

Jessica Gamble had to deal with the police because she recorded her two years old daughter when smoking marijuana. "It is unbelievable. How could a mother, who is supposed to protect her son, do this," said Joseph Deters, the prosecutor who is handling this case  in Ohio, United States, Friday (17 / 9). In the video of 97 seconds, is seen a boy watching television while holding a "smoking" which is still on. The boy was wearing a vest. Childish voice often heard. And, He also repeatedly sucks and smokes issuing from his mouth.

"Do not blow it out ...," said Gamble, the mother of the boy.

The boy got away from the television while he was still sucking the marijuana. While Gamble chuckled and said, "Come here ....". 

This 21-year-old mother will be subject to a number of articles and threatened to be in  jail for11 years.  Currently, the boy's relatives cared Gamble. So, never records your children sucking marijuana.


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