Burning of Quran

Burning of the Koran which was previously undertaken by the pastor from Florida Terry Jones, at the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy, couldn't be carried out due to getting criticism from various parties. But apparently the pastor Old Bob and Danny Allen did the burning. They burned the Qoran in the backyard of a house in Springfield, United States, Saturday (11 / 9) ago.

Old Bob and his colleague Danny Allen stood together in the old backyard. They call their action as a call from God. They burned two copies of Quran and other Islamic texts in front of a handful of people, mostly from the media. As reported by the Detroit News, the burning  of Kuran also occurred in Michigan.

Ryanne Nason, a scholar of the United States, as reported by a local newspaper Mainecampus, Thursday (15 / 9), mention that the burning done by some people was very sad and shameful. In the U.S, countries that was formed on the belief of religious freedom.  Any person is granted the right to practice the religion they believe, like Judaism, Islam, Christianity, or no religion at all. By burning the Koran or other religious scriptures, images of all other nations to make the U.S.  a nation without classes and unethical.

It is ironic that Terry Jones or Old Bob felt to have protection under the first amendment to burn the holy book of another religion that he does not believe it. Though all Muslims in the U.S. are protected by same constitutional law. This will give blemish on America's reputation.


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