Sammy Krispatih arrested by police

Sammy Kerispatih arrested by police because of drug use. The police arrested him early Wednesday, February 2010 in one boarding house in Setia Budi Jakarta. Along with him, also captured her female friend. Police said that Sammy has become their target because of the drug uses, sabu-sabu.

Sammy is well known as one of top band vocalist in Indonesia. He has a unique voice and all of his songs nice to listen. His band, Kerispatih is also one of top band in Indonesia. Kerispatih often performs in many TV programs in most TV channels in Indonesia.

But now, will the arrest of Sammy disturb the success of Kerispatih? we just wait and see.


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ooh so pity..

Cara Menjadi Agen Ace Maxs said...

Semmy cases this can hopefully be completed soon ,

Obat Radang Amandel said...

Sammy hopefully given the fortitude and patience .

Obat Sakit Gigi said...

more cases of drug among artists .

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