Bill Cosby dead

Bill Cosby dead, Bill Cosby death, death of bill Cosby, bill Cosby died. Today, February 6, 2010, the world of entertainment was surprised with the death of bill Cosby.I do believe that we all know Bill Cosby. He was one of the greatest comedian and actors in America. He was also known as writer and TV producer. He acted in famous comedy program called Bill Show Comedy. The Cosby Show could stay on TV for about 8 years from 1984 to 1992. Bill Cosby, who was born on January 24 1950, was a movie maker or serial cartoon, Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.  He also acted in some movies and comedy shows.

The news on Bill Cosby dead becomes the hottest news in Internet now. But Bill Cosby death  is still uncertain. It might be only celebrity dead gossip. I will update the news of Bill Cosby dead as soon as possible. Just visit me again or subscribe from this web.


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