Terrorism is not a cause for ethiopian plane crash

Ethiopian plane crashed early Monday and it is predicted to have killed almost all 90 people; 83 passengers and 7 crews. Some causes appear in the eyes of people and Lebanon government. Many people think that the plane plunged into the sea because of stormy weather that was happening when the plane took off from Beirut Airport. But some people thought that it caused of terrorism. Lebanon's president its self ruled out that the terrorism as the cause for the crash. Michael Suleiman told that the stormy weather is a cause of the crash. So far, around 23 bodies have been recovered from the crash site and the rest is still being searched. From 83 passengers, reported that one of them was a wife of French Ambassador. According to Lebanese Transport Ministry, the plane took off around 2:30 a.m local time and brought 90 passengers; 83 passengers and 7 crews. Most of passengers were Lebanese (around 58 people). The others were from Iraq, Syria, and France.


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