Garuda bird emblem in Armani t-shirt

Bird-like symbol of Garuda Pancasila has become one of the models in the t-shirt design of famous world designer, Giorgio Armani. House design that produces a picture similar to Indonesian state symbol is the Armani Exchange.

According to Vivanews, there are three models of T-shirts  that look like the emblem of Indonesia, Garuda Pancasila. These three types are based on the three colors provided by the designer. The three colors are white, black and navy.

As mentioned in Giorgio Armani, the image of Garuda birds attached to the shirts is the military version of eagle bird. The Garuda bird itself has the touch of a picture that is not too obvious. The material used is 100% cotton and fits body size. In Armani's T-shirt, there is no bull's head image and banyan tree. Banyan tree and bull's head image have been changed with X and A. Meanwhile the image of cotton and rice are attached in the t-shirt. Although through the editing process, the image of  cotton and rice as well as chain are seen clearly if we see the t-shirt closedly. ( Let's see what goverment of Indonesia will do with this situation.


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